Wednesday 16 January 2013

Cloudlands Resident Artist in Galway Hospital

Delighted to be working for Helium again on their new art and tecnoligy project. Here is the press release about my work so far.

Helium is delighted to announce that the Medtronic Foundation through its Community Programme is funding Cloudlands at University Hospital Galway. Cloudlands is a new performance arts and technology project produced byHelium for teenagers with chronic illnesses. Cloudlands Galway commenced in November 2012 and will run until July 2013.
The Medtronic Foundation was created in 1978 and is charged as the primary channel for Medtronic's strategic giving, with the majority of grant programmes thoughtfully aligning with the company's commitment to improve access to quality healthcare.
Cloudlands provides creative support for teenagers who spend long periods of time in hospital, encouraging self-expression and social interaction, and helping participants to regain a sense of control and choice over their own lives. At University Hospital Galway, adolescents are collaborating with professional artist Emma Fisher to develop new artworks based on their ideas, interests and experiences. The participants are engaging with the visual arts, storytelling, puppetry, photography, film-making and animation in the creation of their work.
The Cloudlands project is also taking place at Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin and Cork University Hospital. An online technology platform is being developed with input from participants so that artists and teenagers can share their work and collaborate across the three hospitals. This platform will continue to evolve according to the needs of participants.


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