Thursday 30 September 2010

Designing Set and Puppets for Gulliver's Travels

15 Dec (11:00), 16 Dec (19:00), 17 Dec (11:00), 18 Dec (15:00)

at Mermaid Arts Centre

This Christmas be the first to witness this brand new adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s fantastical adventure Gulliver’s Travels. It is also the first co-production of Wonderland Productions and Mermaid Arts Centre. Specially made for a family audience, six actor-musicians will use original song, puppetry, dance and video projection to bring the amazing voyages of Lemeul Gulliver to life. Music, fun and adventure awaits you as Gulliver meets the tiny people of Liliput, the great giants of Brobdingnag and the savage yahoos and talking horses of Houyhnhnm land. Adapted and directed by Artistic Director Alice Coghlan in collaboration with musician, composer and performer

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